Twin End-Sleeves

  • For establishing solderless, electrical connections according to DIN
  • Insulated, halogen-free and temperature resistant up to 105°C
  • Insulation sleeve made of PP (Polypropylene)
  • Material made of Cu (copper)
Length - mm17
Type pressingInsulated End-Sleeves
Sleeve length - mm10
Insulation length - mm7
Pressing area - mm²0,75
Pressing area - AWG18
DIN standards - National, European and worldwideDIN46228, Teil 4
Weight - g110
Packing unit1000
Barcode40 03758 14360 5

Crimp material
All cable connectors and terminal sleeves are temperature-resistant up to 105 °C and are available in special sizes in addition to the standard ones on request.


Connecting to the future
Solar energy is a clean alternative source of electricity. To make sure it is also a safe source, junction box and switch cabinet wiring has to be properly stripped, crimped and connected up. Using NWS wire stripping and crimping tools, electricians can handle wires and cables in line with all the applicable regulations and down to the millimetre. In this way, whether private houses, factory roofs or photovoltaic installations, they all become clean and safe players in the transition to renewable energy sources.