Stamp with engraving

  • Standard stamp with engraving, deepened from 1 to 5-digit
Stamp - Ø mm9
Stamp numbers0 - Z
Number of stamp numbers2
Packing unit1
Barcode40 03758 37749 9

Lead Sealing Pliers and Accessories
These lever-assisted lead seal pliers their immersion-insulated handles and nickel plating are supplied factory-equipped with a standard seal. Of course, this category also includes a range of seals with and without engraving, lead seals and many other articles.


Low-effort construction work
It takes many hours of hard manual work to erect the steel framework for a building. Tools that are both tough and strain-reducing are an essential feature of construction work. Bolt-cutters, steel fixer's pincers and end cutting nippers made by NWS provide easy handling and save tremendously on the effort required when cutting through reinforcing matting or twisting reinforcing wire. This makes work easier and quicker – which benefits construction progress at the same time.