Cable Cutter

  • For stripping and cutting copper and aluminium cable
  • Improved cutting geometry for simple cutting and higher operating times
  • Ratchet-shaped clamping of the cable ensures crimp-free cutting
  • Precision cutting edge for a smooth and clean cut without any burrs
  • Not suitable for steel wire, aluminium alloys and hard-drawn copper conductors
  • Re-adjustable screw-joint
  • Handles coated with plastic
  • Professional design for easy handling under permanent load
  • Made of special tool steel, forged, oil-hardened
Grouped product items
043-62-210 210 8 1/4 25 70 2/0 280 6 40 03758 04301 1
043-62-210-SB 210 8 1/4 25 70 2/0 295 255 65 18 15 6 40 03758 64322 8

Use tools for indicated purposes only.
Before using the cutting tools please wear body protection such as safety mask, safety glasses and hand protection.
Beware of wire ends flying off!

Finish 62
The no-fuss design of our series 62 immediately underlines their focus on what counts. The handles are dip-coated in plastic to provide optimum handling and a firm, comfortable grip even when used for long periods. The pliers, cutters and wrenches themselves are drop-forged tool steel, special tool steel or chrome vanadium steel and are oil hardened. They are also precision-ground and additionally induction-hardened to ensure the quality of your work results.


Keeping a grip on the matter in hand
Assembly jobs in high places offer not only excellent views but also serious challenges. Here, where freedom of movement is restricted, every move the worker makes must make sense and the safety of the workers, machines and tools must have priority. NWS industrial tools enable workers to keep a grip on things. Their ergonomic design reduces work effort, when working overhead, for example. With the tools secured with the SystemClip, they are guaranteed not to fall if dropped, which makes work safer and easier.