Chain Nose Pliers (Radio Pliers), angled 45°

  • For cutting hard and soft wires
  • For holding, gripping, bending and cutting work
  • Cutting edges inductively hardened
  • With cutting edge and burner hole
  • With long, 45°-angled, flat-round jaws
  • Serrated inside jaws
  • Integrated ring spanner
  • Handles with ergonomically shaped SoftGripp multi-component sleeves
  • SoftGripp handles with SystemSocket for holding optionally available accessories, e.g. the easily attached SystemClip for fall protection
  • Made of tool steel, forged, oil-hardened
Grouped product items
141-69-170 170 6 3/4 Half-round jaws Flush Cut 2,5 1,6 - 45° 15 DIN ISO 5745 57 - 59 145 6 40 03758 14117 5
141-69-170-SB 170 6 3/4 Half-round jaws Flush Cut 2,5 1,6 - 45° 15 DIN ISO 5745 57 - 59 160 220 65 22 15 6 40 03758 64160 6
141-69-205 205 8 Half-round jaws Flush Cut 3,9 3,2 2,2 45° 18 DIN ISO 5745 57 - 59 190 6 40 03758 14118 2
141-69-205-SB 205 8 Half-round jaws Flush Cut 3,9 3,2 2,2 45° 18 DIN ISO 5745 57 - 59 205 230 65 23 15 6 40 03758 64161 3

Use tools for indicated purposes only.
Before using the cutting tools please wear body protection such as safety mask, safety glasses and hand protection.
Beware of wire ends flying off!

Finish 69
Our pliers, cutters & wrenches with the attractive titanium finish are supplied with our new SoftGripp 3K sleeves. The triple zone sleeves provide a firm grip which is pleasant to the touch, thanks to ergonomically designed handles. The pliers, cutters & wrenches themselves are drop-forged tool steel, special tool steel or chrome vanadium steel and are oil hardened. The cutting edges of all these cutting tools are induction- hardened to ensure they are able to cope with the needs of professionals in industry and the trades.


Keeping a grip on the matter in hand
Assembly jobs in high places offer not only excellent views but also serious challenges. Here, where freedom of movement is restricted, every move the worker makes must make sense and the safety of the workers, machines and tools must have priority. NWS industrial tools enable workers to keep a grip on things. Their ergonomic design reduces work effort, when working overhead, for example. With the tools secured with the SystemClip, they are guaranteed not to fall if dropped, which makes work safer and easier.


SoftGripp with SystemSocket
When we developed our handle sleeves, the focus was on functionality, safety and environmental compatibility. The SoftGripp sleeves provide firm but comfortable grip as you work thanks to the triple-component texture. The tailored shape of the handles and the combination of different, environmentally compatible materials makes the tool rest more snugly in the hand. The ergonomically designed SoftGripp, with its multi-zone blend of handle textures, coupled with the optional spring-loaded opening mechanism, ensure strain-free working.
To ensure maximum safety, the tools feature an optimised shape to prevent hands slipping off the tool and the SystemClip, which secures the tools when working on a roof, scaffolding or construction site. The SystemClip, which is easily attached on the SystemSocket, creates a quick, secure connection between the tool and the strap and features an integrated pocket for storing the opener spring.