Telephone and Cable Scissors

  • With straight cutting edge
  • With serrated cutting edge and wire cutter
  • Re-adjustable screw-joint
  • Ergonomically multi-component safety handle for better handling
  • Made of tool steel
Grouped product items
0409-140 140 5 1/2 43 65 6 40 03758 04090 4
0409-140-SB 140 5 1/2 43 75 170 70 16 85 6 4003758 64090 6

Use tools for indicated purposes only.
Before using the cutting tools please wear body protection such as safety mask, safety glasses and hand protection.
Beware of wire ends flying off!


Connecting to the future
Solar energy is a clean alternative source of electricity. To make sure it is also a safe source, junction box and switch cabinet wiring has to be properly stripped, crimped and connected up. Using NWS wire stripping and crimping tools, electricians can handle wires and cables in line with all the applicable regulations and down to the millimetre. In this way, whether private houses, factory roofs or photovoltaic installations, they all become clean and safe players in the transition to renewable energy sources.