Universal Key JointKey Quadro

  • Universal key for almost all common switch cabinets & closures
  • Key profile for these applications:
    electrical engineering, heating and sanitary installations, air-conditioning and ventilation, industry, building technology,
    e.g. switch cabinets, mains switchboards, locking systems, technical installations, for venting heating systems and many more
  • Drive identification marked on each bit
  • The twist mechanism allows eight different profiles to be activated.
  • Universal 1/4" bit holder for standard bits, with permanent magnet to hold bit in place
  • With 1/4" square to hold socket wrenches
  • The joint used enables compact use or as a T-handle with higher torque
  • Made of reinforced fibreglass plastic
  • Made of zinc casting (GD-Zn)
Grouped product items
2005-15-SB 130 5, 6-7, 8-9 5-6, 6-7, 8-9 3-5 1/4 1/4 105 165 85 45 20 10 4003758 20517 4

Better safe than sorry.
Electricians put their faith in their tools daily. Electricity is always a potential hazard. Whether they are cutting cables to size, fitting socket outlets or configuring switch cabinets, they need tools they can rely on without fail. When an electrician picks up a set of VDE tools made by NWS, he or she is handling quality tools subjected to stringent testing for practical, hands-on applications in electrical jobs. This is, after all, what professional working, health & safety are all about.