Precision Pick-Up Tweezer SA

  • For extracting round and square components
  • Inside jaws without cut
  • Jaws 12 mm wide, spatula-form
  • Serrated handles
  • Stainless, antimagnetic , acid-resistant and glare free
Length - mm130
Length - in5
Tweezer type36 SA
Weight - g20
Packing unit6
Barcode40 03758 02891 9

Our range of tweezers includes something for every application: micro-tweezers for work in confined spaces, insulated tweezers for work in hazardous environments such as around live conductors and many more. Every model of tweezers has been treated to suit its specific application; some are rust-resistant, antimagnetic, acid-resistant and anti-dazzle (SA), others are polished and smooth nickel-plated (NI).


Small charges can have considerable impact.
High-performance electronic components are to found in all our smart phones, industrial machinery and our washing machines at home. This makes every repair a job for the professionals. Even the slightest static build-up is enough to damage or destroy sensitive components. This is why professional service engineers rely on ESD tools by NWS. That way, they can be sure that their professional repair skills are matched by corresponding handling of the parts.