Adjusting Pliers

  • For gripping small components and wires and for bending contact and relay-springs
  • Smooth inside jaws
  • With flat, 45° side-angled, wide jaws
  • With lap-Joint
  • Tight-fit joint movement
  • Handles coated with plastic
  • Made of special tool steel, forged, oil-hardened
Discontinued product, available as long as stocks last.
Length - mm135
Length - in5 1/4
Jaw shapeFlat jaws
Type of jointLap-joint
DIN standards - National, European and worldwideDIN 5235
Weight - g75
Packing unit6
Barcode40 03758 12973 9

Finish 72
The tools in the series 72 stand out because of their no-fuss designs and are the classic option amongst electronics tools. These pliers and cutters are forged from oil-hardened steel and have been a tried-and-tested favourite for many years, thanks to their robust construction and their precision. The series consists of the high-quality standard ClassicLine, with its box-jointed precision joints, the special MicroLine for finely-controlled working in confined spaces and hard-to-reach places, through to the EconomyLine with its precision-made lap-joint.


Small charges can have considerable impact.
High-performance electronic components are to found in all our smart phones, industrial machinery and our washing machines at home. This makes every repair a job for the professionals. Even the slightest static build-up is enough to damage or destroy sensitive components. This is why professional service engineers rely on ESD tools by NWS. That way, they can be sure that their professional repair skills are matched by corresponding handling of the parts.